Geological study of the Bergerac soils

In 1999, thanks to Luc’s initiative and being at the time the President of the Federation of Bergerac Wines, an in-depth study of subsoils was led by a number of professional partners: the Cartagère Unit from the ENITA of Bordeaux, the University of Limoges, the CIVRB and the Agricultural Centre of the Dordogne. Thanks to this geomorphological and pedalogical study, we work with precise and reliable sources – essential for a successful appellation.

The terroir is a soil, a subsoil & a mother rock; it’s an exposure and management of water; it’s a grape variety, it’s a climate and the cultural farming practices that allow us to bring together all of the above elements, to create a harmony.

Adapted grape varieties

We cultivate a number of white and red varieties, and try to bring the best out of each one through both single variety & blend vintages. We are constantly researching each variety in-depth; their capabilities and qualities. Each and every vintage we create offers a unique and optimum expression.

Vine techniques adjusted for controlled yields and balance

The yields depend on the terroir, in other words, we determine the yields in function of the variety, the soil, the year, the style of the vintage and the environmental balance of the plots. From this decision, we decide how to cultivate the vine ; simple Guyot pruning for a density of 6300 vines/hectare, on a 1m80 plantation by 0.90m between each vine.

terroir cepage bergerac
Merlot vine, at the ripening period


Our mean yield : 5 to 6 bunches per vine

Now is the time to determine a good yield measure. Yields are more easily understood by bunches per vine rather than hectolitre per hectare. The difference occurs through the plantation density, and this data is both very variable and rarely communicated upon. For example, 37hl/ha for a density of 6500 vines is equivalent to 5 to 6 bunches per vine. This same yield pour 3000 vines equals 12 to 15 bunches per vine…

Light oenological interventions

In the wine cellar, we intervene on the wines depending on the vintages that we wish to create: fresh wines, fruity wines, wines to age, discovery of a certain variety or an expression of one sole plot of vines… We blend and mature wines reflecting on each year, our desires, our terroirs and our ambitions. To find out more, take a look at our technical sheets.