The dry whites are finally in !

Good things come to those who wait ! Clearly this year’s vintage is proving to be rather different. Indeed having to wait until September 17th to pick the first dry white grapes is extremely rare but most of it is in the cellar now : those destined for the Cuvée des Conti as well as those reserved for the Parcellaires (Conti-ne Périgourdine, Moulin Des Dames…). So the question remains : Anthologia or no Anthologia this year ? The plot of “old Sauvignons” gave us excellent quality grapes that are extremely well balanced. It will take a little bit more patience to find out if the level of quality remains the same throughout the fermentation and the rest of the process but we feel very enthusiastic about this one!

After the 48 hour maceration process we were offered a chance to have a bit of fun getting the grapes out of the vats and releasing some of the excess energy… wait, did I say excess energy??! Clearly the CO2 from the fermentation and the lack of sleep is getting to my head!

Yours truly…