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Bergerac Red


Clayey-limestone soils

Grape varieties

Périgord (Mérille), Abouriou, Merlot, Cabernets (Franc & Sauvignon), Côt (best selection of), Fer Servadou


Wine without sulphur. All bunches are destemmed, before being put directly into the vats on indigenous yeasts (thanks to the pied de cuve method of doing a very small pre-harvest to start the natural fermentation going). 20 days of maceration, during which 10 days a quick fermentation takes place until there are 0 grams of sugar left. The wine was bottled without being filtered in may 2019 without the addition of sulphur.


Aged on the lees without adding sulphites in stainless-steel vats and amphoras.


The 2018 vintage boasts a deep grenat-colour with a bright purple touch. It lets off
intense aromas of very fresh & ripe fruit, with a soft floral note too. The mouth is full,
deeper than the previous vintage, with a delicately light sweetness and a lovely freshness.
A real fruity wine!

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